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Why PoolBlue?

"We set out to create a simple inground pool that would meet 80% of consumer demand, while opening up the possibility of inground pool ownership to millions more of us that could not afford a lasting inground pool before now. We guarantee you will not find a more affordable system built to the highest standards." - Frank May, President, The Great Backyard Place.

  • The highest quality, most affordable pool on the market
  • 100% lifetime warranty transferable to one new homeowner
  • Unbeatable wall strength, entirely corrosion resistant, top quality liners
  • Fast and simple assembly saves buyer up to 30% on standard install prices
  • Factory direct American-made inground pool systems

Why Pool Blue?

Community, relationships, family, play, exercise, creativity and connection—that's what having a pool meant for me growing up. It meant having friends over all summer. It meant Sunday swim days, ball team parties and weekly church swim days with everyone swimming and playing together. It meant that I was far more prone to enjoy life actively.

From the moment of the first splash in your family's very own pool you will understand just how great a pool can be. Aside from swimming, exercise, the outdoors and other benefits for an overly tech connected world, the pool brings a new focal point for family building, family bonding, and community cohesion.

I have never believed that high quality inground pools should be reserved only for the wealthy. Although, with sticker prices typically over 25K installed, owning an inground has been a stretch for the average home.

So in 2005, I set out to create an inground pool that everyone could afford without putting him or herself at financial risk. I wanted to build a lifetime lasting, quality inground for around $15,000 with a solid concrete deck surface.

In 2011, I met with a steel fab shop and presented my vision, and what I thought I needed to do in order to bring it about. They consulted with their engineers and three weeks later had a proposal and potential product on the table for my consideration. It looked perfect. I was getting excited. Finally, a pool affordable for everyone!

Poolblue offers a lifetime guaranteed pool structure, stunning liner options, ease of construction and simplicity in all the shapes and sizes people want most. They can be standard or moderately customized to meet certain criteria. And they knock out the added cost of the middleman and cut the cost of construction by 25%. This means that we can build sixteen of the most popular pools from $15-23,000 dollars. Even a massive 22'x40' lagoon pool can be yours for less than 25K! That was once a pool we built for $35,000! That's $12,000 in savings without skimping one iota on quality.

Personally, I am a pretty hard-core "Do-It-Yourself" guy. So in designing this pool, I had to have something that I could put in on my own. It not only had to save a professional 30% of time on installation, but it had to be simple enough to install for a guy that's just good working with his hands. So I put it through my own criteria before concluding that the Poolblue is also the ideal DIY inground kit.

Of course, there are aspects of the project that I believe are best for newcomers to sub out, such as the excavation or the pour of the concrete deck. Other than that, thousands can be saved if you trust yourself to build the simplest inground pool you can find.

So, take some time, explore our site, talk to one of our teams, put us up against other products, other builders, other pools and you will understand why we believe that 80% of possible inground owners could do no better for themselves and their families than by choosing Poolblue.

Devotedly yours,

Frank May
CEO, Poolblue N.A.



Our pool kit designs come in many different sizes and configurations such as:

  • Rectangle w/4' Radius: 14'x28', 17'x30', 17'x34',17'x38'
  • Oval: 14'x30', 17'x33', 17'x37', 17'x41'
  • Kidney: 14'x30', 17'x33', 21'x36', 22'x40'
  • Lagoon: 14'x30', 17'x33', 23'x36', 22'x40'
  • Figure 8: 16'x33', 17'x37', 20'x 29'
  • Lakefront (freeform): Large and Medium
  • True Ell: 33'x 26'
  • Fully Customizable sizes and shapes
  • Fully Customizable pool bottoms including wall forms and full length steps

More About Designs...

After years of planning and research, we came up with an inground design with a modest investment and simple concept.

Our basic lineup gives you the option to choose from four popular shapes: oval, rectangle, lagoon, and kidney. From here, you can select from four different sizes, depending on your needs and yard space.

The Poolblue comes standard with the ever-popular sport bottom (deep in the middle and shallow on each end). This bottom style is great for those who like to play pool sports, lounging around and simply enjoying their pool.

We do allow further customization beyond the 4 shapes and sport bottom depth.There are actually many other options and additions you can choose from. However, it is best to come in and talk to one of our sales associates with your needs and questions.

It's also important to mention that this pool can also be installed as a hybrid, partially above the ground for a sloped yard. These installs can accommodate wood decking and look just as beautiful. We are happy to work with you and help you achieve the look you've always dreamed of, at a price you can afford!



  • Thick, strong 14 gauge galvanized steel panels
  • Magnetic charged powder coating for total corrosion protection
  • One-time transferable 100% lifetime warranty
  • Corrosion-proof Bendable PVC coping for concrete
  • Coated turnbuckle braces for easy leveling
  • Flat-pack bendable panels - one kit builds all 4 shapes!
  • Affordable options and enhancements
  • Corrosion-proof pool walls ideal for salt water
  • Highest quality, precision crafted liners with 15 or 30 year warranties.


Everyone knows that owning a pool may carry with it some degree of maintenance and ongoing cost of ownership, be it through sanitation of the pool water, cleaning of the pool, even operation of the pump.  Thankfully, we understand you are buying a pool for fun, leisure, and connection, not for more labor in your life.  This is the place to play together, not slave together and with the addition of a few affordable equipment add-ons, you can drastically reduce the amount of time you might spend keeping your pool and insure that your relationship to your pool is one of unwinding. 

  • Saline systems
  • Advanced entry systems
  • Tri and quad cartridge filters
  • Affordable control systems
  • Robotic pool vacuums
  • Choices in underwater lighting for safe night swimming

Authorized Dealers

If you are looking at purchasing at a Poolblue pool locally, you can rest assured that you are shopping in the right place. In fact, Poolblue only authorizes the nation's highest ranked pool stores whose commitment to customer service and delivering the best products at the best prices is proven by years of market-leading performance. Poolblue is committed to making lifetime quality pool ownership accessible to more and more homeowners as are the dealers whose strong names and reputations are unmatched in their markets. Poolblue dealers have been in business for years, with a physical location so you know your pool company will be there tomorrow when you need them.



You can buy inground kits online- typically uncoated steel, vinyl-lined pools. But nowhere else can you find a pool more ideally suited for the do-it-yourself homeowner. These pools are stronger than polymer, and better than steel. They are so simple to handle and construct that builders love them. They ship easily and safely because the bendable walls are flat packed and thoroughly wrapped so you can rest assured that you will receive everything you need undamaged. And when it comes to assembly, no vinyl wall system is more simple to rightfully erect. If you are interested in a self-install or having a local builder install where we do not have an authorized dealer, you may shop for kits and options below by clicking Buy A Pool (DIY).

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