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Thank you for your interest in Poolblue Pools. We have tried to make the experience of purchasing your pool as easy, risk free, and simple as possible. If you are eligible for install in one of our dealer service territories, you may visit a dealer in your area or you may use this site to design and save your quote, even arrange a site visit. For full service, using our website, the following is the normal process for booking or bidding.

  1. Please use our kit builder to select the shape and size you would like
  2. Afterwards, you will be able to add special equipment and upgrades
  3. Then you will be furnished a full service quote which includes the standard amount of concrete, all construction figures, and all cost of equipment. The sum total will represent the full project cost based upon ideal circumstances. Site- specific costs may be incurred.
  4. You can either save your pool design and submit it for a sales call, or place a 10% fully refundable deposit in order to schedule a site survey and site specific quote.
  5. If for any reason you decide against proceeding with the construction of your Poolblue pool, 100% of your deposit will be refunded.
  6. You may save as many different pool quotes as you would like, however, in order to schedule a site visit, you will need to select one specific design

Why do we do it this way?  In order to keep costs as low as possible and insure that you get the most water, the highest quality, the most efficient install for the lowest price.  You see, if we allocate the man power to provide site specific quotes to everyone that expresses interest in a pool, we have to absorb and cover that cost, the time, the wages, the fuel and auto costs somehow.  Rather than having a committed buyer pay for service provided to uncommitted buyers, we have implemented this process to qualify our buyers.  Furthermore, we find that the site visit is more effective in arriving at concrete costs if the builder understands the desired outcome beforehand. 

1. Pick Your Pool Shape

Classic Models

The Poolblue Classic line is comprised of the four most popular inground pool shapes and in each shape, the four most sought after sizes, from small to large all complete with our popular 6' walk-in step. These pools deliver market beating value per dollar and are priced with basic pool equipment and a standard concrete deck. The standard deck is 4' surround on three sides with an 8' patio on the step end of the pool. You can add as many options as you like to these lifetime affordable pools to make ownership easy and you can use this site to include those options in your quote.

Premium Models

The Poolblue Premium program utilizes the same ground-breaking flexible wall system, but boasts of several more attractive and popular shapes and most of the pools utilize an 8' wide walk-in step rather than the 6' step used in the classic program. Furthermore, premium pools are build standard with hopper-end/dive-bottoms, though the base can be fully customized to virtually any specifications. Finally, each Poolblue Premium package comes outfitted with some attractive additions designed to make ownership more exciting and easy such as LED lights, a control system with remote, a robotic cleaner and more.

2. Pick Your Pool Size

Pool Selected was:

Now, you will select the size. The dimensions are overall sizes to the furthest point in each direction, length and width. Exact shape may vary per size. Later in the process you will view a CAD of the exact dimensions and shape.

3. Pick Your Liner

Now, let's customize the total look of your pool by choosing a liner

4. Pick Your Options

We are getting close! You have selected the ideal shape and size at this point, now it is time to consider enhancements and options for the most exciting addition to your home: the pool. For a list of what is included in the standard pool kit, Click Here. But for those looking to enhance their ownership experience or dramatically reduce time spend maintaining your pool, we have provided a compact selection of very affordable, high quality products. Some of these products are designed to eliminate aspects of maintenance. Some are to enhance the environment, such as the popular deck jet. Please select the options you would like to add to your Poolblue Pool.

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